Serena Restuccia

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Professional Sommelier
Wine Tours and Wine Classes

Serena is an energetic, passionate and well-organised Italian Sommelier. She simply uses her passion in his job, through it she gives enjoyable experiences to people.

“By following my feelings and senses, I developed strong skills in the communication of the world of wine. My experience spans 7 years; step by step I touched different aspects of the wine industry, from Michelin-starred restaurants to wine resorts, wineries and wine associations. Before starting my own project I was living in London, working for D&D London as Assistant Head Sommelier (Orrery and Sartoria restaurants).

WAYS Logo 300x269I organise wine classes, tastings and tours, escort different kind of customers, favouring their needs and looking for their satisfaction and happiness, this is my force. I am very eclectic and I set the program transmitting a clear but basic overview of the world of wine or I can go deeply in technical details for expert wine lovers, the organisation is based on each customer preferences.

I work in Tuscany and Italy, but I can escort guests in other wine countries, I can be partnered with travel agencies or wine associations”.